My Story


My name is Kelly Jones. I am a wife, mother and business professional.

If many years ago someone said to me I would be an entrepreneur I would have laughed. It is not something I had ever thought about. My career was in aviation, an industry I love. Starting as cabin crew in 1999 travelling the world, having an amazing time – why would I have ever thought of running my own business. In 2005 I decided to stop flying – I wanted my feet back firmly on the ground and I was offered my dream job, cabin safety instructor. I would be training cabin crew and pilots in all aspects of aviation safety – I was elated. I was so successful in this career that in 2011 it took my husband and I to Dubai where we lived for four years…still doing the job I loved! Yet this time in a more pressured environment – I was now a training and development manager!

So what happened…why the change of direction? In 2015 my husband was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. I remember hearing the consultant inform us of the diagnosis, it felt like I was having an outer body experience. Something changed within a second – it was as if I had almost instantaneously gone from a career ambitious woman to not wanting to leave my husband and ever work again.

Not ever working again was not an option, I had to work but I no longer wanted to be in the corporate rat race so I started to look into running my own business to give us a different lifestyle. This led me to an award winning company within the health and wellbeing sector. I was so impressed that I decided there was no time to waste and in May 2015 I got to work…I had started my own business.

As we were still in Dubai at the time I built the foundations of my business out there. The business skyrocketed beyond my wildest expectations. I achieved so much within 12 short weeks (and I was still working a full time job, being a mum and caring for my husband) that I was able to give up my corporate career. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy. I worked hard, incredibly hard to build the business around all the commitments I had at the time but when your faced with the fear of not being able to spend every lasting minute with your husband determination kicks in.

Since being back in the UK I have worked hard to maintain my business in Dubai – its special to me as that is where it all started. I have an incredible team in Dubai and now in the UK. As soon as I got started I never looked back…I love my business. It helped change our family life. Sadly in May 2016 the worst happened. My husband passed away. I had lost my husband and my daughter had lost her daddy however I am so grateful I was able to spend every moment with them both.

I still run my business however now I get to spend that precious time with my daughter. It allows me to give her everything that my husband I ever wanted for her. It gives me choices, freedom, financial stability and so much more. I love what I do because not only have I experienced myself how it helped change our family life but I have seen how it has helped the lives of my team members allowing them to achieve the lifestyles they have always dreamed of too.

If something is not making you smile, change it. Go out there and build the life you dream of.

Kelly x